Jitske Serné

🌱Jitske only works with cruelty free products!

She loves to work for or with labels /designers who supports eco-friendly products and sustainable brands.
From an early age Jitske knew she wanted to work as a hairdresser. After finishing her school she worked in a salon for over a decade, starting in her birth place and later on continued to do so in Amsterdam. During her career, Jitske specialized herself in various skills within  her field through trainings at schools in London, Amsterdam and New York. In 2013 it was time to expand her specialty and work field and so she decided to join a reputable training program to become a make-up artist. This was the start of her journey in the fashion and beauty world. Through the years she pushed herself to be better every shoot and worked for a variety of clients and magazines. Jitske is a motivated hard worker with a drive to show more than just make-up and hair. It’s about telling a story through a human canvas. From natural to experimental she always keeps it feminine and strong. 

Book me: hairandmakeup@angeliquehoorn.com

Jitske Serné🌱