Always drawing.

Pencil and paper being the outlet of a do-er and dreamer, it was no coincidence Soraya went to the school for Fashion Design. Tall figures, playful lines and imperfection reflect her love for fashion, as she acquired a personal illustration-signature.This was mostly in the pre-instagram era. Until H&M noticed her unique talent and asked her to make illustrations for their collaboration with Kenzo. And then the story got started…Soraya’s fashion illustrations are recognisable by an edgy style: exaggerated primary shapes, a watery blend of eye-popping colours and fusion of acrylic drawings, often digital manipulated. “I start with a feeling, shape or colour. Then I sketch and draw with all kinds of material I love, like acryl-paint or ecoline cut outs.”This concoction of paint always leaves a vacuum left to be filled in by the viewer’s feelings. Her work can be seen in various expositions, galleries and collaborations with hotels and fashion brands. 

Soraya Basiran

  • fashion