Doru Loboka

The way we look at brands has changed immensely. As a stylist and art director, I see a great challenge. The internet became a world without borders. Causing the potential target audience to become more diverse, as it is getting bigger. Brands are faced with the fact that there is a huge shift taking place in utilizing campaign and product imagery.

This new tendency towards utilizing imagery is forcing brands to think of a new approach of creating images. Images that reflect their philosophy in a way that the ‘wide audience’ can relate to it. At the same time it’s becoming more important for brands to be continuously present.

Growing up in Europe, having an African ethnicity is more than just a background to me. It inspires and nurtures my creativity and personal style; I like to consider myself a spiritual, colorful and blooming human being. My work is heavily influenced by the vibrations I get from listening to music, reading philosophy and traveling.

As an aesthetic dreamer, I help people visualize their philosophy by illustrating thoughts, emotions, vibrations and experience with images. That’s the beauty of artistic leadership.

Doru Loboka

  • Set Design / Art Direction