Xaviera Aubri - 1981 Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Xaviera Aubri happens to be the poster girl for her very own style. Whether you would meet her for coffee or a fashion show she always looks effortlessly chic and eclectic, wearing eye-popping colours and prints on occasion for a fun and different look. Which is why right after graduating in Fashion Design from the School of the Arts in Utrecht she went on to become the fashion editor of Dutch ELLE Girl and even styled the pages of its international issues - Japan, Korea and the US. Xaviera takes her inspiration from travel as well as art and the books she loves. Xaviera Aubri is also quite the allround creative; styling shows, doing art direction and even writing about much-loved subject, fashion, for the likes of Dutch newspaper AD, Volkskrant, FD and Vogue, Linda and Glamour magazine.

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Xaviera Aubri