Renu Kashyap - 1978 Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Renu Kashyap has earned her stripes in the Dutch fashion scene in many ways, working as a fashion editor for over 12 years and now styling independently for many a fashion mag and being a personal stylist to boot. Ask Renu about her style and she says: “I love a silhouette that is mostly unconstrained and offbeat.” Her intricate body of work also shows her penchant for being a world traveller (living on and off in Ibiza and then again Amsterdam) with a style that is refined, delicately feminine, edgy at times, and nomadic in that hippie sense. Renu’s glamorous style icons from the 1970s include Jane Birkin and Veruschka which is why her styling always captures a certain vintage feel. Nearly a decade ago (2000) Renu graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and she's now considered to be one of our most sought-after visionaries who we are happy to represent at Angelique Hoorn Management.

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Renu Kashyap