Margot Holtman - 1984 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born on Valentines Day Margot Holtman is a true romantic at heart. She resides in Amsterdam, the city where she was born and finished her studie at The Rietveld academy. An art academy that is known to challenge his students to experiment first and foremost. ‘All I am longing for is freedom. Even the blank page in front of me is never enough,’ reveals the artist. Margot dreams up mystical creatures with a knack for raw natural scenes and of course LOVE in all its inconceivable ways and forms. Why would you ever want to grow up? It's another feel that seeps through all of her slightly naive and incredibly detailed drawings that seem to have come from another world, a different time and place that oozes nostalgia. She is heavily influenced by the works of Albrecht Dürer and Theodor Kittelsen for their slightly eerie storytelling and eye to detail. Besides her free work, Margot has been previously commissioned to contribute drawings for The Kid Book and fashion label WE. 

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Margot Holtman