Blanca Murcia - 1987, Tres Arroyos, Argentina

Blanca is a Dutch hairstylist and color expert with Argentinian roots. Her artistic style goes from graphic to undefined with a shaggy feel. She is known to create statement looks by sculpting hair like an organic material and prepping powerful hair-colors with a healthy glow. As a Creative Colorist and Educator for Salon B and B Academy, Blanca was responsible for exploring and expanding her talent and that of others. Fueled by her own experiences as a (on-set) hairstylist for the last 7 years, she was responsible for teaching other professionals all there is to know about working as a backstage hair artist. Blanca is not afraid of the controversial. Some of the clients she loved working with are the Dutch designer duo Schueller De Waal, the young label Karel & Kees, Zazi Vintage and many more. Her work was published in a variety of magazines like Imprint Magazine, Grit Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. In the past year Blanca also assisted great artists during Paris Fashion Week. On set she likes to bring a relaxed, yet professional and positive vibe.

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Blanca Murcia