Breaking boundaries to this day, ANGELIQUE HOORN MANAGEMENT was one of the very first styling as well as hair- and make-up agencies in the Netherlands, founded by Angelique Hoorn herself in 1998. The agency is recognised for representing highly anticipated talents (who also earned their accolades with prestigious awards worldwide) in the Dutch creative scene in beauty, fashion styling, illustration and, not to mention, including a renowned fashion journalist and allround producer.

Surely a force to be reckoned with ANGELIQUE HOORN MANAGEMENT has been collaborating with major (inter)national ad agencies for years on an ongoing basis. Core to ANGELIQUE HOORN’s work ethos is communicating in a transparent way, finding solutions to any problem and consulting when it comes to connecting the right artist to the right production.  At ANGELIQUE HOORN creative worlds and visions collide in an undoubtedly exciting and effortless way. 

On top of that ANGELIQUE HOORN MANAGEMENT is constantly busy establishing the careers of their artists even further. The artist managers (Angelique for illustration; Sarah & Jane for hair-and make-up; Claire for styling) are experienced and smart when it comes to working with limited means and time scales. As for the artists themselves, they are always well prepared with in-depth briefings and continuous workshops that the agency likes to offer them.

Working with a wide variety of creatives, team spirit and an open atmosphere are key. Artists at ANGELIQUE HOORN MANAGEMENT are trained to apply their creativity as well as organisational skills to work with even the most complex of situations. The agency’s creatives are keen on adapting to the clients signature style and needs, being flexible and open minded.

Are you also looking for art direction, creative consultancy or concepting? With many years of experience ANGELIQUE HOORN artists broadened their horizons to be excellent creative consultants and producers  in fields of fashion editorials, lookbooks, advertising and you name it.

For more information you can always give ANGELIQUE HOORN MANAGEMENT  a call or drop by the (may we say) beautiful office at the historical Dutch canals. Also please don’t hesitate to follow  ANGELIQUE HOORN on social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates.